Joybuilt is a lifestyle brand from Chicago with the simple belief of living your personal joy. Combining home decor, accessories, clothing as well as offering full-service design capabilities, Joybuilt strives for a unique blend of products that can easily be woven into everyday life.



our values

We believe everything in life deserves to be beautiful, mind and soul included, and the details need paid attention to. We believe in being conscious of consumption and try to implement sustainable and recyclable values where and when we can. We are a brand for the people and love bringing together individuals through shared passions and joys. We do this because we can feel it in our bones and hope to inspire others to find whatever thing that makes them feel the same.




We are happy to offer full-service design capabilities with a specialty in branding and lettering design. We can help build brands from the ground up or come in at any stage in between. Fill out our contact form and we will be in touch!


• Graphic design
• Logo design
• Custom Lettering
• Package design

• Stationary
• Illustration
• Visual Identity systems
• Social Media design



Joybuilt was founded in 2016 by Rebecca Wilson. With 6 years of experience helping visualize and define brands as a Designer and Art Director in the advertising industry, Rebecca took her inherent love of creating and combined her passions of brand building, clothing and home decorating and wrapped it in one shiny, wink-branded package.