Dear Diary


Rebecca here - welcome to my first blog post!

Writing has always been extremely cathartic to me. I’ve kept countless diaries, journals and have endless iPhone notes. While I have never thought (or still think) of myself as much of a “blogger,” I do consider myself a writer and am starting this with the intent of treating it like a diary. If people read it, cool. If no one reads it, cool with me too! I want to create a space where I can celebrate the beauty of starting your own creative business and be transparent about the ugly side as well. Honesty and expression are two things engrained into who I am, and since I’m right at the beginning of starting this creative endeavor, I can’t think of a better time to start sharing all the good, bad, exciting, embarrassing and stressful moments that come with it.

This is the first of who knows how many entries, I’m going into this with no real plan. All I want do is share my journey as it happens and maybe relate to someone along the way!

I’m excited to share my story with whoever lands on this page. Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet! Please feel free to comment, lurk, ask questions, say what’s up, or never look at it again. This diary is an open book!


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