To commission a custom artistic project or moss piece, please fill out the form below with your concept and any relevant details. If your request is for a specific frame, make sure to include your desired frame style, approximate sizing, any material notes, and color requests. Quote will be finalized once all details are agreed upon. 



If you have a perfect frame already on hand, why not put it to good use! Fill out the form below with a description of your frame and any specifics you have. You’ll receive a quote once all details are final and will be provided a printable address label to affix to your package to send to us. Shipping costs are not covered. If in the greater Chicago area, pickup may be available.



If interested in hiring Joybuilt for your own design needs, please fill out the form below and explain your project in detail, including desired timeframe, if you have any photo references, and make sure to include “Design Inquiry” in the subject of your finished message.


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Look forward to hearing from you!